Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Lydiate, Best Done by Experts

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in LydiateRange Rover Evoque servicing in Lydiate is best carried out at Project Liverpool. The reasons are simple really. This Range Rover model is a technological wonder. You don’t want amateurs working on this car or any other model of Range Rover. We are Range Rover specialists. All of our technicians are Range Rover trained, certified and highly experienced. Our service garage is state of the art with the very latest technology to make sure your Range Rover Evoque is serviced, maintained and repaired according to manufacturer standards. We stock and use original manufacturer parts to maintain the integrity, performance and value of your Range Rover Evoque. If your car is still under warranty, we are fully equipped to carry out the service and stamp your book.

We specialise in Range Rover and we have for over 23 years. We are family owned so in Lydiate, Range Rover Evoque servicing is customer service first. But we back up our excellent customer service with excellence in workmanship. Our customers are our livelihood which makes their satisfaction very important to us. Your Range Rover dealer has mechanics with a few years of experience and of course, they are supplied with original parts and specific equipment. Still, we are confident that our customer service and dedication to being the best sets us apart from the Dealer. Our customers have given us a five star rating. Our facility is RAC approved. We are also specialists in car electrics.

If you still need more convincing that Range Rover Evoque servicing in Lydiate is best carried out by us, this should help. We are also a certified MOT testing service which is a nice convenience for our regular customers. Then, there are the costs to consider. We mentioned that we are an independent garage. That alone saves our customers up to 40% off dealer pricing. We don’t have to pay the bill for all that slick advertising and neon signs. You still get the same or better service and expertise. Our cost estimates and final billing are a little different from some dealers. Our quotes and costs are exactly the same. Theirs often have hidden charges added at the end. Contact Project Liverpool for Range Rover Evoque servicing. We think you’ll agree that it’s a smart move.

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