Schedule Your Land Rover Servicing in Aintree at an Expert Garage

Land Rover Servicing in Aintree Land Rover servicing in Aintree with dedicated technicians is what we do at Project Liverpool. Our technicians are experienced in all Land Rover models and work to high standards just like your dealer. We maintain your warranty, document your service history, make repairs and carry out your annual or bi-annual servicing. Plus, we are an approved MOT testing centre. We’re full service all the way including electrical, mechanical, diagnostics, cambelts, air conditioning and all things Land Rover. As Land Rover specialists, we utilise only the latest up to date diagnostics using the Land Rover system for time-saving troubleshooting. Authentic Land Rover parts are all we use. We keep the most commonly needed parts stocked and ready for quick service. We get same-day delivery on most other parts.

Nobody knows Land Rover like a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, which is what we are proud to be. For our customers in Aintree, Land Rover servicing includes an approved range of tyres designed and tested specifically to handle all road conditions. We are professionals and all service areas are important for the safety of our customers and their Land Rovers. We enjoy an excellent reputation for conscientious and personalised customer service that’s friendly. Our facility is RAC approved. You’ve invested money in your Land Rover and you depend on it for safety and reliability. You can count on us to be just as invested in the performance of your Land Rover as you are.

Land Rover servicing in Aintree has its perks. Those perks distinguish us from your dealer. Apart from being friendlier and customer service oriented, we’re also open seven days a week. Then there’s the price quote which we take very seriously. That’s because that quote is the bottom line price we will charge. We don’t quote you a low price then add a bunch of fees at the end. Last but not least is the fact that we are an independent garage. For our customers, that means we can provide dealer level service for your Land Rover for up to 40% less than your dealer has to charge. Contact Project Liverpool and schedule your Land Rover for service. We’ll take good care of it for you.

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