Professional Land Rover Discovery Specialist in Thornton for Dealer Quality Service

Land Rover Discovery Specialist in ThorntonAt Project Liverpool, we have a team of Land Rover Discovery specialist in Thornton that can give you dealer quality service. So, why not just go to the dealer? You could do that but you might have to pay up to 40% more for the same service we can provide. Not all highly qualified Land Rover Discovery specialists are employed by Land Rover dealers. Some of them used to be. Others came up through the ranks until they were certified for Land Rover. The very cream of the crop work for Project Liverpool and are here to ensure customer satisfaction. Project Liverpool is a family run business so you know our work ethic and customer service values are a little different than the impersonal dealer.

Every customer and every job is a little more personal to us and it’s been that way for all our 23 years in business. In Thornton, Land Rover Discovery specialists adhere to manufacturer standards and recommendations for service and maintenance. We use only authentic parts. Even the range of tyres we offer have been especially tested and selected to handle all terrain and weather conditions you are likely to encounter with your Land Rover Discovery. Diagnostics are important and we have the latest and best. Better still, we know what to do when the diagnostics pinpoint a trouble spot. We will likely have any needed parts already in stock so there’s no long wait to get your vehicle back.

Land Rover Discovery specialist in Thornton can be found every day at  Project Liverpool. Ours is a full service garage tailored to your Land Rover. We offer MOTs, tyres, air conditioning service, electrical faults, cam belts, all mechanical repairs as well as maintenance and service. Contact us and schedule an appointment. Whatever service you need, we’ll quote you a price that is also a promise. You can count on a job expertly carried out and no surprise add on fees at the end. We are independent and local so you will get the lowest possible price and satisfaction guaranteed. We want to be your go-to garage.

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