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Had Mot work done here, fantastic job and reasonable price. will be using them again

- chris


Got recommended to come here by a friend that drives a audi. Very happy I came here. Billy was a gent and the lads did a great job. I'll be back again for sure.

- David

Servicing Garage in Crosby

Posted on March 7, 2019 by 2mags

Servicing Garage in CrosbyFind a servicing garage in Crosby if you have just acquired a new vehicle or you are still driving your old car. Servicing a car is important since potential hitches can be identified and fixed before they develop into serious problems. Car servicing involves a thorough check of all the essential components of a car. Some of the critical systems checked include the braking system and the suspension system. Identification and rectification of small faults like leaking brake fluid may be the difference between you reaching home safely or reaching the hospital in a stretcher. Many drivers argue that if a car drives well then it must be ok. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Wear and tear accumulate as the mileage on your car clocks up. Since the deterioration is gradual, you may not see or feel the changes. Only car servicing can accurately determine the true status of a vehicle.

Are you trying to be an economical car owner? To save money in Crosby, a servicing garage should be a frequent stop. Although it sounds absurd that you save money by spending money on car servicing, it’s true. Maintenance is often cheaper than repairs or replacement. In a simple car service, the engine oil is assessed and changed. It is a simple inexpensive process, but in case it’s not carried out, the moving parts of the engine will wear out necessitating expensive repairs or replacement. Moreover, car servicing maintains your vehicle at maximum efficiency which keeps fuel consumption to the minimum. Therefore, saving money by avoiding car servicing may sound economical but it’s a false economy.

Project Liverpool is a leading car servicing garage in Crosby. We are a family run business with over two decades worth of experience. We offer quality, unmatched services that keep clients coming back. Our service bays are equipped with the latest machinery to ensure every vehicle is thoroughly checked before going back on the road. Contact us today and enjoy top quality car servicing. We have the technicians, we have the equipment and we have the commitment to deliver quality services.

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