Discovery Repairs in Liverpool

Discovery Repairs in LiverpoolTake care of your Land Rover Discovery repairs in Liverpool at Project Liverpool. This is where the specialists that have trained and gained valuable experience in the fine-tuned workings of your Discovery. You know there’s nothing else quite like it, and so do we. For over twenty-three years we have provided the full range of services and repairs according to the manufacturers’ specifications. Our expertise is second to none. Your Discovery is a luxury SUV that doubles as an off-road powerhouse capable of towing 8,000 pounds. That’s truly incredible especially for a mid-size. Put your Discovery to most any task and likely it will meet or exceed your expectations.

If you’re going to get 100% from your Discovery you have to show it respect with frequent maintenance servicing and timely repairs. For drivers in Liverpool, Discovery repairs and service frequency depends on your driving habits and whether you use the car for recreational purposes. You can’t compare it to lesser cars that are driven 80,000 miles without an oil change. The Discovery is a finely engineered piece of machinery and optimal performance is maintained under the care of specialists. Your Discovery is an investment in safety, dependability, luxury and endurance. You may expect to drive it for many years and with proper maintenance, you might get to 250,000 or even 300,000 miles. If you decide to sell it sooner, you can expect a higher price when you show your maintenance records.

Discovery repairs in Liverpool by Project Liverpool includes diagnostics, mechanicals and cam belts but we also cover electrical faults and air conditioning repairs. We also conduct your yearly MOT. Our work, parts and labour are guaranteed. Contact Project Liverpool for Discovery repairs and you’ll be pleased to find our prices are far less expensive than your dealer. We are family owned and independent; that means we have a personal interest in the quality of work we perform and the high level of customer service we provide. We think you’ll notice a friendlier atmosphere without sacrificing professionalism. Same or better service than your dealer at lower prices and friendlier service; who wouldn’t want that?

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