Range Rover Velar in Crosby

Range Rover Velar in CrosbyYour Range Rover Velar in Crosby is a major investment, and you need to keep it in top condition. We understand how a busy schedule and career can come in the way of taking care of your luxury vehicle the way you should. As a family run business,  we have more than two decades’ experience in providing premium quality services to a wide section of clients across the Liverpool region and beyond. Our team of dedicated, highly trained and experienced technicians can handle any issue with your Range Rover, no matter what the year or model. We’re proud to offer dealer standard services at a fraction of the cost, with no compromise on materials, workmanship or customer service. As a local garage, we have strong ties in the community and that’s why we offer personalised services customised to your preferences, needs and budget.

Remember, the Velar is just the fourth model to be introduced ever since the Range Rover brand was launched. In Crosby, Range Rover Velar is targeted at car enthusiasts who may not have thought of buying this brand earlier. This is a mid sised, luxury SUV with high tech features. It has a sophisticated infotainment system with touch-screens that are used for satellite navigation, phone connection, weather reports, settings, climate control, and terrain settings. Many new and technologically advanced materials have been used in its manufacture. This brand was designed originally designed for toughness, adventure, endurance and long distance travel across the most inhospitable terrains. This makes it sturdier than most SUVs. However, regular maintenance helps to identify potential problems before they become worse and more expensive to fix. Servicing is generally recommended every 15,000 miles.

Keeping your Range Rover Velar in Crosby in good condition not only makes it efficient, but also ensures that you and your loved ones are kept safe and comfortable. Contact us for more information about our Range Rover Velar servicing and repairs. We ensure that in the first service we take care of general inspection of windshield wipers/fluid, wheels and tyres, underbody, brakes and steering, diagnostic systems, exhaust, and drive belts. The schedule varies according to mileage thereafter.

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