Range Rover Evoque in Formby

Range Rover Evoque in FormbyBring your Range Rover Evoque in Formby to Project Liverpool for the kind of service and repairs this sporty SUV deserves. The car has moves and if you want it to perform at peak performance, let our skilled certified professionals take care of it for you. You’ve invested in a luxurious ride so be particular about your car service provider. For many Evoque owners that means dealer service. Certainly, that’s an option but you did not attain the means to own a head turner like the Evoque by being frivolous with your money. So why start now? Our family owned business has been saving customers’ money for over 23 years over dealer costs for the exact same quality parts and service. We don’t skimp anywhere. All work is performed according to manufacturers’ recommendations and that includes warranty work.

We might be a little friendlier than your dealer because our full service garage, including MOT, is not under the same stress dealers are. In Formby, Range Rover Evoque services are tailored to the vehicle make and model. We have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment and our professional services extend to electrical faults, air conditioning and mechanical repairs. Yet the cost for our equal or better service is up to 40% less than your main dealer. What’s to think about? If you want to be sure you’re getting the best, ask around. We’ve been here 23 years so you’ll probably run into a few of our customers willing to share their honest opinion. Besides, we guarantee all our parts and labour.

Sometimes our first time customers for Range Rover Evoque in Formby check our itemised pricing closely. What they are expecting is add on fees and extras added to their bill. They figure that’s how we make up the price difference. We don’t blame them; they’ve been around and know those kind of business practices are out there. Contact Project Liverpool and we’ll put our promise to you in writing; the price we quote for the agreed to work is the price you pay. The bottom line doesn’t change. Don’t neglect the maintenance of your Range Rover Evoque and let’s see how many miles you can put on the odometer.

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