VW Servicing in Formby, Professional, Affordable and Efficient

VW Servicing in FormbyOur excellent VW servicing in Formby keeps your car in top gear. We offer all the features of main dealer service without the associated costs. Typically, dealership costs range higher than independent garages such as ours. The reasons are not hard to find.  Ours is a local garage, with fewer overhead costs. Our mechanics are trained, experienced and as professionally qualified as those you will find at the dealership. We use state-of-the-art equipment and have a good stock of spares and parts. However, we don’t have the huge showroom, sales staff, or enormous rentals and salaries to pay out like dealerships. That’s how we’re able to pass on the benefits to our customers. We tailor and personalise our service to meet your unique requirements.

Unlike main dealerships where you’re just one among their hundreds of clients, we believe in maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our customers. In Formby,  VW servicing is undertaken by our team of expert technicians. This premium vehicle is a fine piece of auto engineering manufactured with care and precision. It is designed to give you years of trouble-free service. All you have to do is ensure that it is regularly serviced. This keeps the vehicle in peak performance, without the risk of unexpected breakdown or safety hazards. It ensures that your vehicle’s value remains high. Whenever you want to sell it, a clear record of maintenance adds significant value to the price.

You can opt for either fixed or flexible schedules for VW servicing in Formby. This depends on your driving pattern, distance covered, and whether you carry a heavy load regularly. New cars would have a fixed manufacturer determined schedule. You may find the service light popping up on your dashboard. Contact Project Liverpool and our team  can give you the right inputs. You can schedule either minor or major servicing at different intervals. Major service includes oil and air filter checks, engine oil level check, lights, body, exhaust, steering, tyres, alignment, brakes, coolant and fluid levels, battery, shock absorber, suspension and more. If it’s a quick minor service, some of these areas are not covered.

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