BMW Servicing in Litherland – Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition

BMW Servicing in Litherland Regular, reliable BMW servicing in Litherland helps to keep your vehicle in top gear. At Project Liverpool, we offer main dealer servicing, repairs and maintenance at main dealer standards minus the main dealer cost. This is because we are not burdened by franchise fees, branding, and more. We can understand that the primary focus of main dealers is to sell cars. Since new cars come with a warranty, dealerships have to offer servicing and repairs in keeping with the terms of warranty. Technicians at main dealerships have to be constantly trained on new technologies, and they may not be comfortable working on older models. Dealers are also paid according to the terms imposed by the manufacturer. Each department in the dealership has to show profits – hence sales, servicing and parts have to maintain separate books where the bottom line has to be consistently healthy.

These are some of the reasons why in Litherland, BMW servicing at an authorised or main dealership could cost more. As an independent garage, we are not tied down by these restrictions. Our technicians are trained to work on any make or model, no matter how big or small the job. We have the time, equipment, experience and skills for servicing and repair work, without focusing on warranty work. This is also tied in with lower overheads, clubbed profits across all services, repairs and parts, making our rates more affordable and sensible.

BMW servicing in Litherland carried out by our team helps to flag problems early on to save bigger costs and inconvenience at a future date. We can also source genuine spares at a much lower rate and provide competitive rates for complex repairs. Contact Project Liverpool for more details about our BMW servicing. Certain jobs such as brake and exhaust works, timing and cam-belt or clutch replacement can be very expensive at an authorised dealership. Servicing generally includes a range of things, including oil changes, changing or cleaning the oil filters and more. If you drive an older car, it may require changing spark plugs, the coolant and brake fluids as well. Other systems will also be checked for potential issues.

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