Professional and Affordable Land Rover Discovery Servicing in Sefton

Land Rover Discovery Servicing in SeftonLand Rover Discovery servicing in Sefton should be carried out by Land Rover automotive specialists. We just can’t seem to say that enough. At Project Liverpool, we believe that our specialised Land Rover service will help you protect your investment. We bring an understanding of the subtleties that are designed and manufactured into these high performing yet luxurious vehicles. Our service standards are exactly the same as the manufacturer’s recommendations. Project Liverpool is our family run business which we established almost 25 years ago. The knowledge and expertise we bring to the full service of your Land Rover is unbeatable. That’s especially true because we, as an independent business, know the importance of focusing on customer satisfaction.

In order to survive against large corporate dealerships, every one of our customers is essential to our success and we show our appreciation. In Sefton, Land Rover Discovery servicing is an essential service.  However, we’re a full service garage specialising in Land Rover mechanical repairs, diagnostics, electrical faults and for your convenience, MOT testing. The age of your Land Rover Discovery is of no consequence because we are experts in all years and models. We can complete your warranty work and we can service and repair your 1989 or 2017 as well. We have most original parts in stock or quickly available. We know you’re busy and need your car so we work as efficiently as possible.

When you choose us for your Land Rover Discovery servicing in Sefton you get better than dealer quality experience. Few dealer mechanics have 25 years of experience. We are able to provide our expert service for up to 40% less than your dealer will charge. When we quote you a price, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges on your invoice. Contact Project Liverpool for friendly specialised service and repairs at the lowest possible price. We help you protect your investment and extend the life of your Land Rover Discovery. How long can you make it last? The record stands at 540,000 for a Land Rover Discovery with all original equipment. We can’t promise that for your Discovery. However, with our conscientious specialised service your Discovery has a good chance.

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