Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Sefton, Expertly Completed at Competitive Rates

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in SeftonFor Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Sefton, Project Liverpool is the place to choose. We specialise in Range Rover automobiles and to us, that’s not strange at all. Whatever broad career path one takes in life, like a family-owned automotive garage, it’s common to focus on the parts you like best. At Project Liverpool, for over 23 years, our family just prefers certain automobiles like Range Rover and other German engineered cars. So, that’s where we put our focus, training and technology investment. We like a full service garage so we are equipped to carry out all Range Rover Evoque maintenance, service and repairs. We are also a certified MOT testing centre. We have everything you need under one roof.

At Project Liverpool, being family owned means we tend to be a little more laid back, friendly and accommodating than your dealer might be. At the same time, in Sefton, Range Rover Evoque Servicing is carried out in a thoroughly professional manner according to manufacturer recommendations. We maintain a stock of the most commonly needed parts. Our diagnostic equipment is surpassed by no one; not even your dealer. Service is tailored specifically to your Range Rover Evoque. We know this car, regardless of year, thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic or a 9-speed manual transmission. We are thoroughly knowledgeable.

We never stop learning so we’re always up to date with Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Sefton. New convenience and safety features are changing all the time. For us, maintaining a full service garage means staying up to date with all the upgrades in the new models. Safety features such as automated emergency braking that detects pedestrians and bicyclists. Lane departure warning and cruise control with a semi-autonomous driving mode. Really impressive upgrades. We have the technology to maintain and service at dealer level but for up to 40% less than your dealer. Contact us for servicing for your Range Rover Evoque. You’ll like our honest and friendly way of doing business. All parts and service are guaranteed and customer service is always our priority.

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