Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Maghull: Expert Services, Great Prices

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in MaghullRange Rover Evoque servicing in Maghull is part of our speciality at Project Liverpool. We know how Evoque owners react when mechanics say they haven’t worked on too many of these models. Or maybe they’ll say something else vague like ‘these cars are kind of tricky sometimes’. That’s not a real confidence builder for the car owner. All that technician is proving is his or her own lack of experience. They can’t figure out what’s wrong so they blame the car. It’s almost as if you should apologise for asking them to fix your car. That’s not real smart. You’ll find garage mechanics that react that way to any make or model of car they’re unable to repair. It’s not just Evoques. But if that’s what you drive you can trust the expertise of our team. We can fix your Ford but we specialise in German made Cars.

For decades, our family owned business has provided dealer level service and expertise but for much less money. For our customers in Maghull, Range Rover Evoque Servicing is as reliable and trusted as their main dealer. They like our prices as well as our friendly and accommodating customer service. Our customers know our team and are known by them. They feel confident because they know who they are dealing with. Dealers sometimes have a high turnover rate of technicians. You don’t know if the guy fixing your car is a rookie or not. We’ll always take time to answer questions and make suggestions about your car.

Range Rover Evoque Servicing in Maghull is not just our job. The precision engineered German cars are our passion and the Evoque is right up there in importance. All of our work is fully guaranteed at our RAC approved centre. Besides servicing, we offer a full range of garage services including repairs, diagnostic trouble shooting, MOTs and more. We take care of the whole car but not just the newer ones. If you have a 2012, we’ll take good care of it for you. Contact Project Liverpool for complete Range Rover Evoque Servicing. Your car will be in good hands because our team sees your Range Rover Evoque as one of the special cars.

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