Land Rover Repair in Kirkby, Expertly Done by a Professional Team

Land Rover Repair in KirkbyLand Rover repair in Kirkby is a speciality of ours. Our family business has been serving the region for over 23 years. A family owned business such as ours is distinctive from franchises and dealers. We are dependent on our loyal customers for our livelihood. We can’t send them away unhappy assuming three new customers will take their place. So, each of our customers is important to us and we don’t rest until they are completely satisfied. We like to get to know who we are working with and understand their particular preferences. That said, as an independent Land Rover repair centre, we are in a position to offer our customers better service and greater savings. In fact, we can save you up to 40% of dealer costs. Plus, we are RAC approved.

When we quote you a repair price, that price includes everything. In Kirkby, Land Rover repair means the price we quote you is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees or add on costs. When you ask us how we arrived at the price, we have time to explain and itemise the costs to you. It’s your car and your money so you have a right to know what’s being done and why. Keep in mind that our technicians are highly trained, experienced and certified on Land Rovers. They could work for a Land Rover Dealer or any other garage but they choose to entrust their career to us. Our techs are the best in the business and all work is 100% guaranteed. We are not just for repairs; we’re full service and that includes MOT testing.

Land Rover repair in Kirkby begins with isolating the problem. We have the latest available diagnostic equipment. Because we specialise in Land Rover products, we maintain a good stock of parts. Therefore, there is usually no need to delay your repairs due to parts availability. We use only authentic Land Rover parts and our standard for repairs and service are those of the manufacturer. When you are in need of Land Rover repairs, contact Project Liverpool. Our service and repair centre is state of the art, expertly staffed and customer friendly. Factor in our usually lower costs and we think you’ll be satisfied with our service.

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