Breathe Easier with a Professional Range Rover Air Conditioning Service in Formby

Range Rover Air Conditioning Service in FormbyRange Rover air conditioning service in Formby at Project Liverpool is all encompassing. There are multiple components involved in the A/C system and we examine all of them. The most common reason for loss of air is a loss of coolant. Now, many people assume all that’s needed is a recharge and some even think they can do that themselves. We don’t recommend that. There is a reason your coolant is low and you need to know that reason before you recharge. More importantly, you are dealing with a dangerous chemical that, if carelessly handled can damage eyes and skin. Releasing it into the air is damaging to our environment. Coolants are sometimes updated for safety and environmental reasons. Sometimes we have to update your A/C system before we can add the updated refrigerant.

Your loss of coolant may be due to a leak and we can track that down and make the repairs. In Formby, Range Rover air condition service may be due to a compressor failure. If your vents are blowing warm air, the compressor is the likely cause. Generally, the only fix is to replace the compressor. Warm air could also be caused by a leak in the evaporator in your air conditioner system. Whether the evaporator is clogged or leaking, not enough coolant is getting through for the system to work properly. Another common failure of your A/C system is a worn out circulating fan. In that event, neither the heat nor the air conditioner will work efficiently.

Range Rover air conditioning service in Formby performs a thorough check of all components of your A/C system. We specialise in Range Rover vehicles and our technicians are all Range Rover Certified. Staying up to date is critical to the total maintenance of your vehicle and we take that very seriously. That includes updating A/C systems so current guidelines for types of coolants that may be used is met. If it appears the only problem is low coolant we don’t assume that’s the only problem. We check everything. The best time to bring your Range Rover in for air conditioning service is before the warm weather season or at the first sign of trouble. Contact Project Liverpool for the finest most professional air conditioning service. We get it right the first time.

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