Range Rover Engine Management Light in Aintree

Range Rover Engine Management Light in AintreeModern cars are very sophisticated and are likely to have a Range Rover engine management light in Aintree. This is used in all newer vehicles that have a computerised engine management system. It is found on the instrument panel of most internal combustion engines and is there to warn of a problem in the engine or when a service is needed. It is usually illuminated with an amber or red light. It frequently has two stages which are a steady glow or a flashing light. Bring the car into our garage as soon as possible if you see this indicator light. It may be a small problem but it is better to make sure.

Never ignore the warning lights in the instrument panel of your vehicle. In Aintree, Range Rover engine management light is there for an important reason. It lets you know if there is a fault in the car’s engine. The onboard computer will register the fault so that when you bring it to us we can identify it by use of our highly specialised diagnostic machine. If left or ignored the problem could escalate into a major incident that will require expensive repairs. Catching the problem early not only costs less it also gives you peace of mind.

There are many reasons for the Range Rover engine management light in Aintree to illuminate. It could be a loose fuel cap or it could be a serious engine fault. Contact Project Liverpool and make an appointment for us to find the fault. Once the fault has been found the engine management light can be switched off and you will be sure there is nothing else wrong with your car. With the onboard computer or ECU (engine control unit) all systems in the car are permanently monitored which allows for a quick reaction when a problem is found.  We are a family run business and have been operating for over 23 years. We have a highly trained team of technicians who have many years worth of experience in the industry and many were trained at main dealerships. All our work is fully guaranteed throughout our wide range of garage services.

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