Range Rover Air Conditioning Service in Formby

Range Rover Air Conditioning Service in FormbyYour British manufactured car may need a Range Rover air conditioning service in Formby as the weather is getting colder. You’ll want to be sure that the climate control system of your vehicle is in good working order for the cold of winter. The car air conditioner can be traced back to 1933 when a few luxury vehicles were fitted with a cooling and heating system. It only became commonly used in the late twentieth century when it was installed as standard in many makes and models of vehicles. We have become reliant on having a cooling and heating system in our cars to make them comfortable to drive in any weather. Although it does increase fuel consumption, most of us could not spend hours in the traffic without it.

We offer service and repairs to all electronic systems in modern cars. In Formby, Range Rover air conditioning service is fully comprehensive with a test to establish if there are any faults in the system. We offer re-gassing and sensor and wiring fault finding and repairs. We hold a large stock of spare parts and if necessary can have new parts delivered rapidly so there is little time wasted. The air conditioning works with sensors detecting the ambient temperature and adjusting the cooling of the car to the set preferred temperature. We each have a different comfortable temperature and this allows us to set it to the most comfortable temperature for each individual.

Our workshop offers Range Rover air conditioning service in Formby as well as MOT tests and services efficiently done by us. Contact Project Liverpool today and book your Range Rover in for an air conditioning test.  We have expert Land Rover technicians who will test your vehicle in one of our MOT bays. We have all the necessary Range Rover parts for service and repair and if you need something small replaced to pass the MOT we will notify you and ask your permission to do it. If we service and repair your vehicle then it makes sense for us to do the MOT as we know the condition of your car.

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