Discovery Repairs in Thornton

Discovery Repairs in ThorntonWe offer affordable Discovery repairs in Thornton for all makes and models in this range. We are Land Rover specialists who deal with all makes and models of Land Rover, Range Rover and Discovery vehicles. We can offer you the same service with the same parts that you can have at a dealership but at almost half the price. We can update the service book and keep your warranty valid. This mid-sized SUV is a wonderfully compact and yet robust vehicle. It can be driven on-road and off and will cope with the most difficult terrain. This necessitates special tyres if it is something that is done regularly.  Speak to our friendly and helpful technicians who will advise you of the right tyre to fit.

We are acknowledged as one of the best Land Rover Garages in the area. In Thornton, Discovery repairs will be carried out by our highly qualified and experienced technicians. All our repairs and servicing is carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. We have gained a reputation over the years as an honest and trustworthy garage where your vehicle is efficiently serviced and repaired. Our diagnostic machine has the latest Land Rover software and we have access to all the wiring diagrams of vehicles in the Land Rover range. The computer in your car will make a note of anything it finds wrong and sends a code to the diagnostic machine. Our technician will identify the code and know exactly where the fault lies. We believe that we have more technical equipment to service and repair Land Rovers than many of the dealerships.

As a large, independent garage we offer Discovery repairs in Thornton to all makes and models of Discovery vehicles. Contact Project Liverpool today to book your vehicle in for a service. Our garage supplies a complete range of garage services which are perfectly tailored to Land Rover products and offer owners a professionally qualified alternative to the higher-priced main dealers. We have built an outstanding reputation on our first-class commitment to both vehicle and customer care. The high-quality service we provide is friendly and professional. Our technicians are all fully qualified with many of them having trained in main dealerships.

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