MOT Garage in Aintree

MOT Garage in AintreeWhen your home garage is also an MOT Garage in Aintree you save yourself any anxiety you may feel about your car passing the test. If our garage technicians have been servicing your car throughout the year, it’s very likely your car is in good, roadworthy shape and your emissions equipment is doing its job. If we haven’t been your home garage, we can still undertake your MOT with good results and at a reasonable cost. For the best outcome, we recommend you schedule your MOT thirty days before your old certificate expires. That gives us time for every eventuality.

We specialise in Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, BMW and Audi services. On some occasions in Aintree, an MOT garage tests a vehicle and it fails the MOT. It could be for any one of a number of reasons but emissions are a worrisome cause. Most safety inspection items are easily spotted and can be corrected before the MOT. Such things as brake lights, faulty wiper blades, a loose bumper bracket, and more. However, when your car fails the emissions test, we need to diagnose and repair the cause. Fortunately, we can do that right here at our garage. We have the specialists diagnostic equipment which saves us time and highly experienced technicians to carry out the repairs. Once the repairs are made, we’ll retest your car within the allowed time frame so you don’t have to pay for the second MOT.

Our MOT garage in Aintree uses only genuine parts for your car repairs. You could, of course, take your car to your dealer to make those repairs but it could take longer to get scheduled in. We offer dealer quality parts and service, as well as specialist technicians for up to 40% less than your dealer, will charge. We don’t have hidden charges or use fuzzy math techniques. We give you a straight-up cost promise. It will be more convenient for us to make the repair and retest your car but you won’t be paying more for that convenience as you might suspect. As an independent family-owned garage for 23 years, we have built a reputation for trust and quality. Contact us and schedule your MOT with us. Then, stick with us as your regular service and repair providers for top quality service at lower than dealer prices.

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