Range Rover MOT in Liverpool

Range Rover MOT in LiverpoolIt makes sense to get your Range Rover MOT in Liverpool with us at Project Liverpool. Especially when it’s the same place you have other maintenance, service and repairs taken care of. With our team of specialists taking care of your car, we’ll make sure it’s ready for MOT testing each year. Our full service is tailored to your Range Rover. We stock all the most requested parts and our diagnostic equipment and software is Range Rover specific. Our technicians are Range Rover trained and certified. We don’t send you to a speciality shop for electrical faults or air conditioning repairs. We do it all right here in our well-equipped independent garage and we do it for less than your dealer.

We’re an independent family owned garage and we say that with pride. In Liverpool, Range Rover MOT can be carried out at any MOT station or garage with a dedicated MOT lane. Maintenance and repairs for your Range Rover can be undertaken by anybody calling themselves a mechanic. We’ve been in business close to twenty-five years and we value customer service; our customers know we value them. They reward us with longtime loyalty and recommend us to their friends and family members. There are local and traditional standards that dictate how we do business and our customers appreciate those standards as much as they do our highly trained staff.

When you schedule your Range Rover MOT in Liverpool with us, your car is ready to pass if we’ve been maintaining it for the rest of the year. We protect the value of your Range Rover by using only genuine Land Rover parts. Contact Project Liverpool and see for yourself how satisfying it is to be treated as our valued customer, receive outstanding professional service and pay up to 40% less than your main dealer would charge. There are no hidden charges in our pricing. The price we quote is your final price. Is your car still under warranty? Bring it to us and we’ll protect your warranty. Our work is guaranteed down to the last bolt.

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