Range Rover Velar Air Conditioning Service in Maghull

Range Rover Velar Air Conditioning Service in MaghullFor your Range Rover Velar air conditioning service in Maghull, speak to Project Liverpool. Your luxury Range Rover Velar can take you to places remote and near in luxury but only if the air conditioning is working well. That’s why you should have that serviced just as you do other of your cars components. The car’s operation may not depend on air conditioning but the comfort of the driver and passengers is greatly enhanced in hot weather. Our team of specialists understand all the intricacies of your Range Rover and that includes the air conditioning system. We are an independent shop with the same equipment, experience and dedication to the brand as your dealer. Therefore, you can count on paying up to 40% less for service.

There are things to watch for and listen for that will warn you of an air conditioning problem. In Maghull, Range Rover Velar air conditioning service is warranted regularly along with all other parts of your car. In between service visits if you notice the air temperature is not as cool on the usual settings or there is a musty odour in your car then likely your air conditioner needs attention now. It may just need to be regenerated or there could be a small leak in a hose; both easy fixes but they will get worse if not attended to. If you are allergic to mould, which may be the origin of the musty smell, you could feel sick when in the car. A noisy rattle will tell you the fan needs attention and that too will stop working if neglected.

Air conditioners have slight differences in different cars so Range Rover Velar air conditioning service in Maghull should be serviced by our the specialists. You can trust your Range Rover Velar to our 23 years of experience and our highly trained staff. All of our work is guaranteed so you can trust our service. When your air conditioner stops working save yourself some money and contact us where you get dealer quality service for less money. Being family owned and independent, we provide a more personalised service to our customers. Bring your car to us for regular maintenance and we’ll test your air conditioning system at the same time.

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