Land Rover Servicing Garage in Crosby

Land Rover Servicing Garage in CrosbyFor a top-class Land Rover servicing garage in Crosby, check out Project Liverpool. Ours is a full-service garage providing a full range of services specific to your Land Rover. We’re not talking about just engine service. We include electrical faults, diagnosis and troubleshooting, air conditioning, cam belts and MOTS, all geared to your Land Rover year and model. If your Land Rover is still under warranty, bring it to us. Our thoroughly experienced technicians will honour your warranty and stamp your book. We are an independent family owned garage established for nearly 25 years. We service to manufacturer recommended standards with authentic parts in our RAC approved facilities. All parts and labour are guaranteed.

If you think our trustworthy services seem to be the same as your dealer, you would be right. For our customers in Crosby, our Land Rover servicing garage offers dealer level skill, parts and service for up to 40% less money than your dealer. Plus you can bring your Land Rover to us for MOT testing instead of taking your car somewhere unfamiliar. Everybody’s experience is different with dealer service managers. But sometimes, when you ask how much it will cost to have your Land Rover serviced or repaired you can’t get a specific amount. They might tell you about what the cost is but customers sometimes get the impression they shouldn’t even ask specifics. We think that’s disrespectful.

When you bring your car to our Land Rover servicing garage in Crosby, we tell you up front what the final cost is going to be. When you go to your dealer and prepare to pay for services you’ll often find a fee for this and a charge for that so you ask why? They’ll tell you they had to charge for this or that with an attitude like you should already know about those charges and should not question them. Our customers don’t have to hold off making other purchases until they get their service bill. We’re pretty smart; we can figure out the cost ahead of time and it will be up to 40% less than your dealer. Call us today and schedule your Land Rover for servicing with us. You get dealer quality without the dealer price. Plus we respect your budget.

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