Land Rover MOT Garage in Liverpool

Land Rover MOT Garage in LiverpoolWe are recognised as one of the most experienced independent Land Rover MOT garage in Liverpool. Our Land Rover garage will carry out all the necessary service, repair and MOT to all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. Our technicians are highly trained and fully qualified to work on all the makes and models of this iconic British manufacturer. There is a list of all the items on the vehicle which must be tested and we give the vehicle a thorough check.  This is for your safety and that of your family.  If we feel that there are parts, like the tyres, that need changing in the near future we will let you know.  The vehicle will pass the test but you will be aware that you will need new tyres in the next few months.

The annual test to ensure your vehicle is in decent roadworthy condition is compulsory for all vehicles over 3 years old. In Liverpool, Land Rover MOT garage has been looking after Land Rover manufactured vehicles for over 23 years and keeping them in original condition. This is done to ensure that all road users are driving vehicles that are in good condition. The test will take about an hour and you are welcome to wait for your vehicle. The test is a standard list of items that need to be checked which includes a thorough inspection of the body of the vehicle, testing of all lights, checking brakes and suspension and much more.

Our Land Rover MOT garage in Liverpool is efficient with many years experience behind us. Contact Project Liverpool today and book your vehicle in for the annual MOT test.  We have expert Land Rover technicians who will test your vehicle in one of our MOT bays. We have all the necessary parts for service and repair and if you need something small replaced to pass the MOT we will notify you and ask your permission to do it. If we service and repair your vehicle then it makes sense for us to do the MOT as we know the condition of your car.

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