Discovery Engine Management Light in Aughton

Discovery Engine Management Light in AughtonOut of the blue, your Discovery engine management light in Aughton lights up your dash leaving you wondering what to do first. At Project Liverpool, we specialise in Land Rover Discovery and your options may vary with the age of your car. The latest models have built in diagnostics that will report the trouble codes. It’s a nice feature but the outcome is still the same; make an appointment and bring your car in for service as soon as possible. If the engine light is steady, you likely don’t have an emergency so just slow your speed to take some pressure off the engine. If the light is red, you really do not want to delay getting your car checked because whatever the problem is could be causing expensive damage. When the light blinks bring it directly to our shop.

Ignore an engine light and it will cost you money. How much depends on the problem that triggered, in Aughton, Discovery engine management light. There are some things you can try on your own. If other dashboard gauge lights are lit such as oil or temperature then pull over right away and wait for service. A loose gas cap can trigger the engine light in some cars. Your car’s computer is designed to warn of malfunctions and when possible, to compensate for them. When you bring your Discovery to us we’ll hook it up to our diagnostic equipment which will give us a code. The code tells us about where the problem lies which is great because it shortens the trouble shooting time so we can make the repairs quickly.

When your Discovery engine management light in Aughton lights up, bring your car to us. Because we specialise in Land Rovers were are well equipped with the tools, experience and knowledge to get your car repaired quickly, preventing further damage. As an independent garage, we will charge you far less than the dealer for the same service. We follow all manufacturer recommendations for parts and service and our technicians are Land Rover certified and experienced. When the engine light comes on, don’t panic, contact Project Liverpool.  Bring your Discovery to us  and you can be assured your car is in good hands.

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