Range Rover Evoque Repairs in Aughton

Range Rover Evoque Repairs in AughtonWhen seeking Range Rover Evoque Repairs in Aughton, why not give us a call? This vehicle is incredible with a combination of features that took the buying public by storm. It’s all wheel drive with a four-cylinder engine and a 9 speed automatic transmission. This convertible has a roll bar system that protects occupants by deploying within 90 milliseconds. The fabric roof lowers in 18 seconds and raises in 21 seconds; all while the car is moving at 30 miles per hour. For your information and entertainment the Evoque bundles a 10.2 inch touchscreen, extraordinary sound system, navigation system and Wi-Fi connection. So, what could go wrong? Actually, nothing that we can’t diagnose and repair at Project Liverpool.

Ours is a family owned and friendly garage with the same professionalism, expertise and dedicated guaranteed service as your dealer. In Aughton, Range Rover Evoque repairs includes full service maintenance and repairs from the extensive electronics to just the right tyres and your annual MOT. Our sophisticated diagnostic equipment is always up to date as is our technician’s ongoing training. The services we offer for your Range Rover Evoque are tailored to be as true to the Range Rover as any dealership. We follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and service and authentic Range Rover parts. We welcome your warranty work and stamp your maintenance book to protect your warranty and your resale value.

So why come to us for Range Rover Evoque repairs in Aughton? We are family owned and we’re also local. It’s good to see familiar faces while taking care of business. However, the main reason customers come to us instead of their dealers is to save money. Our prices are far lower than dealers have to charge. It costs us less to operate independently than to be part of a large franchise. But our Range Rover Evoque customers know that saving money with us is not at the cost of quality. These are high end cars and no owner would risk second rate repairs and service just to save money. Contact Project Liverpool and schedule a repair service or talk to us about your Evoque. We think you’ll understand why our customers are happy to bring their cars to us and save money.

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