Discovery Maintenance in Rainhill

Discovery Maintenance in RainhillKeep yourself and your vehicle safe with top quality Discovery maintenance in Rainhill from Project Liverpool. As a well-established, reputed family run business, we have more than two decades’ experience in the automobile sector. Being a local service, we have strong and enduring ties in the local community. In addition, we are proud to give our clients access to the best of international trends, technologies and products from around the world. We employ a full team of highly trained, experienced, qualified technicians for whom no job is too big or too small. What sets us apart from our competitors is our friendly, personalized, customer-centric approach and our sensible, practical pricing. All our work is fully guaranteed, so you can rest assured that every single aspect of workmanship is meticulous, excellent and professionally undertaken.

The owner maintenance schedule is provided in your Service Portfolio book. In Rainhill, Discovery maintenance should be carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and that’s something we’re competent enough to do. Such work is highly specialised and also requires the use of special equipment and tools to handle modern, sophisticated automobile technology. Many clients assume that such facilities are available only with the dealer or authorised franchisees. However, as an independent garage, we are as good, if not better, than many of these main dealers and franchisees. We employ professional technicians who have been trained to tackle any issue with your Discovery or other Land Rover models.

As experienced garage technicians, we know that routine Discovery maintenance in Rainhill and other locations is what keeps your vehicle in top gear. This has to continue throughout the life of the vehicle. For more about how we can assist you with Discovery maintenance, contact Project Liverpool. However, your individual driving style and road conditions you drive in have to be taken into account while planning service schedules. We offer personalised service and a host of advantages that main dealers would be unable to, along with personalised service tailored to meet your needs, preferences and budget. If you own an older Discovery, common problems encountered are poor starting, noisy fuel-pump, engine-oil leak, coolant leak, and rear air suspension failure.

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