Servicing Garage in Crosby

Servicing Garage in CrosbyYou need to know about our servicing garage in Crosby, Project Liverpool. You especially need to know about us if your heart’s desire is a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche or Audi. We probably just included most people in the world. The reason so many drivers who could own the car of their dreams, even if it’s a used car, is they believe the horror stories about maintenance and repair costs. You may see a gorgeous little four year old red Mercedes with low miles that’s right in your price range. The first thing your buddy says to you is “Dude! It’ll cost you a months pay just to replace the brake pads!” Well, that might be true somewhere but it’s not true at Project Liverpool.

We are an independent service garage which means we can charge less while still providing the same expertise you expect from the dealer.  In Crosby, our servicing garage mechanics are certified on these desirable high performance cars. We follow the manufacturers’ recommendations even for those cars out of warranty. If your car is out of warranty and you want to save money on parts we have reliable sources for quality parts. The decision is always yours. Either way you’ll still pay less than the dealer costs. The only difference is we don’t have the high franchise fees and overhead dealers have. Our mechanics are highly skilled, experienced and paid accordingly. We don’t have to cut corners to save you money.

Look, if you can afford the car it’s likely you can afford the maintenance but Project Liverpool servicing garage in Crosby can save you money over dealer costs. Who doesn’t want to save money? We’ve been in business for nearly 25 years. Our longevity is a testament to our reputation for excellent work, prices and customer services. All of our work is guaranteed. Contact us for a full service, diagnostics, repairs and MOT. We didn’t mention the VW owners before because it’s just a given; they love us. If you have a VW come see for yourself.

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